C.I.E, SK-Ch, HR-CH, Croatischer Club Winner 2015, Zagreb Winner 2015, Slovenian Winner16

Klasse              Austellung                         Richter                    Ergebnis
Jüngsten IHA Wels 7.12.2013 Leenen Theo VV
Jugend IHA Graz 8.03.2014 Nielsen Anette V
Jugend IHA-Salzburg 5.04.2014 Studenik Petr SG
Jugend CACIB Zadar 1.05.2014 Krystyna Opara V2
Jugend CACIB Zadar 2.05.2014 Ann Beatriz Knoll V2
Jugend CACIB Zadar 3.05.2014 Tino Pehar V1 JBOB
Jugend CACIB Zadar 4.05.2014 Janusz Opara V2
Jugend Club Show Croatian Kennel Club Ray Strudwick V2
Jugend ÖRC Club Show Grafenegg Jim Richardson V
Jugend CACIB Umag 7.06.2014 Jose Miguel Daval Sanchez V1 JBOB
Jugend CACIB Umag 8.06.2014 Pier Secondo Zacco V1 JBOB
Jugend CACIB Bratislava 16.08.2014 Marija Kavcic V1 JCAC
Jugend CACIB Bratislava 17.08.2014 Dr.SC. Mijo Fury V1 JCAC
Zwischen CACIB Lendava 21.09.2014 Günther Wonisch V2 res. CACIB
Zwischen CACIB Bratislava 04.10.2014 ------- V1 CAC
Zwischen CACIB Bratislava 05.10.2014 Milos Kaspar V1 CAC res. CACIB
Zwischen Club Show Ungarn 10.10.2014 Gyarfas Marianne V1 CAC
Zwischen CACIB Ungarn 11.10.2014 Mrs. Siret Lepasaar V1 CAC CACIB BOS
Zwischen CACIB Ungarn 12.10.2014 Jakkel Tamas SG1
Zwischen CACIB Nitra Studennik Petr V2
Zwischen CACIB Nitra Dr. Fabriela Rita V1 CAC

6. Klupska Show Croatien


Malcon Godefroy (UK)


Club Winner 2015

Offene CACIB Split Marit Sunde (NL) V1 CAC res. CACIB
Offene MVP Bratislava Milos Kaspar (CZ)

V2 res.CAC

Titel SK-CH somit erreicht

Offene CACIB Innsbruck Frank Kane

V2 res. CAC

Offene CAC Samobor Damir Vucic (HR) V1 CAC BOS                        
CH- Klasse Zagreb 27-29.11.2015 --------

3x V1 CAC

1x CACIB, 1xres. CACIB

1x BOB

CH-Klasse Ljublana 16. u. 17.01.2016 Svetelsek/Kane

2x V1 CAC


1x BOB

1x BOS/Slovenian Winner16

erfüllt somit alle

Vorrausetzungen für den




32.Clubshow Jose M. Doval

V2 res.CAC

Champions Titel


Klasse Ort             Richter         Ergebniss
 Wesenstest  Stegersbach Booros Gerlinde  97 Punkte
RPB2 Bleiburg Raggitsch Wolfgang 92 Punkte
JBP/R Burgenland --------- 171 Punkte

Auszüge aus den Richterberichten Show

20.05.2018 true working girl, full of energy and stamina, very nice propotionens, super clever

                            expression, I love her attitute, fantastic movment

05.09.2015 bautiful black female, exc and compackt body, beautiful head and kind expression, dry                              neck lavel  topline, exc. tail set, exc in front, strong up line, nice bones, exc pesentation

                             nice in  movment        

                             V1 CAC BOS

16.08.2015 2 years, has lovely quality and very good construction with excellent chest, very good

                            construcktion, at both ends which shows in her good movement, I would prefer a little 

                            more leg, to balance her ribcage is a little bit to sprung for breed type, beautiful coat 

                            texture, lovely head and eye

                            V2 res. CAC

24.05.2015 beautiful Head and expression, good pigment, dark eye, good reach of neck, exellent fro                              angultion, well sprin ribs, moves with drive

                            V1 CAC BOS HR-CW 2015

8.06.2014 corr. teeth, should finish develoment and growing, already has good proporations,

                         the coat is reight quality, moves well

7.06.2014 very good type, good temperament, beautiful head expression, rech shoulders moves nice

31.05.2014 very feminin throughout, I would like too see a little more of her allover including

                           more bone, sweet feminine head with kind expression, well laid shoulders, racy outline,

                           strong level topline with correct tailset, covers the ground with ease and style,

                           excellent breed type

10.05.2014 loveley feminine head with correct shape eye, good lay of shoulder. straight front

                           well inbed, short coupled, well angulated quaters, level topline,

                           moved with good reach and drive

4.05.2014 very femminine head, beautiful expresion good shape of body, sounds movement

                        good coat

3.05.2014 10 months small, gentle bons, good prop. female head expression, good body struckture

                         ex. angulations

2.05.2014 corr. prop. of head and coat, exelent topline, tail is best positions, moves well

1.05.2014  Femal still in developement, good size, good topline, deep chest, good drive and cook

8.03.2014 IHA Graz

                       10 months old, feminine head and expression, correct teeth and eye color, nice neck

                       and topline, a bit low sttail, a bit straight in upper arm, well angulated back, nice bone,

                       nice movements from all sides, nice coat and temperament.

7.12.2013 IHA Wels

                        8 months old, good size good proportions, a feminine head with a scissor bite,

                       well set ears, good neck shoulder topline, well angulated, good bone and feet,

                       body still undeep and flat, not in her best coat in the moment,

                       in the movement narrow behind.